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Cal commits Jermaine Terry, Akili Calhoun announce decisions to enroll early

These decisions come after the CIF postponed high school football to at least December or January

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 Cal at Stanford Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the latest news from the CIF on the postponement of the high school sports season to December or January, a couple of prominent California Golden Bears commits for the class of 2021 have already made up their minds on their future.

Both Cal commits including 4-star TE Jermaine Terry and 4-star DE Akili Calhoun have stated that they plan on graduating high school early and enrolling at Cal in January, skipping their senior seasons in high school.

Calhoun took to Twitter to announce his decision, with a screenshot of a handwritten note from his phone.

“Liberty (high school) has been my safe place since I was a freshman. I remember looking at the varsity kids as the coolest people on campus when I was a freshman and building a relationship with my coaches, making them family. As I grew in the program I grew as a recruit, and I gained more and more ground in the recruiting game. As I kept growing, I always remembered the team and the family that helped me to get to where I am and for that, I’m forever grateful,” Calhoun started.

“I became a leader, which is what made this decision hurt even more. I am both sad and happy to announce that I will be starting the next step of my life and I will be graduating early to go to UC Berkeley. I love Liberty and it has taught me a lot about not only ball but life as well. I love Brentwood and I always will. With that being said ... “Great skill, I love you,” and GO BEARS!”

Terry, who had already previously stated his intentions of enrolling early, carried on a similar, albeit simpler sentiment.

Terry and Calhoun aren’t the only ones in the state of California to also announce their decisions to enroll early and subsequently forgo their senior seasons. USC commit Xamarion Gordon did so just moments after the CIF announced their new schedule.

Cal has a few more in-state recruits on their radar as possible candidates to enroll early and skip their senior years, even if the majority of their currently committed players hail from out of state.

Three-star CB commit Kaleb Higgins tweeted a simple broken heart emoji in reaction to the news from the CIF. On the other hand, Cal’s latest commit, Moses Oladejo, stated he has more time to get better, before coming to Cal.

We’ll continue to monitor this situation as it progresses but so far, it seems like three of the five in-state recruits have made their intentions and thoughts pretty clear on the news from the CIF.

Welcome to Berkeley, officially, Jermaine & Akili!