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Cal Basketball announces Educate To Motivate campaign

The Bears are looking to continue educational teachings on social injustices

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 01 Women’s Cal at Arizona Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The California Golden Bears have announced a plan to continue their educational campaign on social injustices, among many other important topics happening in the country today.

Joining forces, the men’s and women’s basketball teams are seeking to continue discussions on the Black Lives Matter movement as well as many other topics.

Starting on July 20, they’re launching Educate to Motivate: A social justice educational series. Each topic will consist of four sections including educate, community, support and activate.

The statement issued also says their first topic on July 20 will be on voting.

It also calls on their previous joint statement, issued back on June 2.

The Cal student-athletes are often thought of as some of the most influential student-athletes in the nation, and this is just another offering from them. Kudos to the women’s and men’s basketball programs, players and staff on their initiatives. Support them as you can, support their messages as you see fit and be sure to check out their Educate to Motivate campaign on July 20!

Go Bears!