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New NCAA Football 14 for Cal released — defense

Video Game Week at SB Nation brought with it brand new 2020 rosters for your Cal Bears

We told you they were coming — and here they are. The officially updated 2020 college football rosters for every team on the famed EA Sports video game NCAA Football 14.

More specifically, the rosters for your California Golden Bears.

Below are the positions listed off in order on the defense. Finally, thanks to those degenerates who have kept this game afloat for now seven years and six years since it was even close to its prime, we have updated rosters ahead of the season. A full two months ahead of the season.

Here we go — the Cal Bears on defense:

Left End:

Right End:

Defensive Tackle:

Left Outside Linebacker:

Middle Linebacker:

Right Outside Linebacker:


Free Safety:

Strong Safety:



Any qualms? Anything to change before we get going? What sticks out to you?

Drop in your comments below before we get going on the first-run simulation of the 2020 college football season!