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Kicking off a new season of NCAA Football 14 with updated Cal rosters

That’s right — we’re back at it during SB Nation’s Video Game Week with new, updated rosters for Cal

We all have been here long enough to remember earlier this offseason when I started a new 2019 recreated season with your California Golden Bears on the famed EA Sports video game NCAA Football 14. While we attempted to make that as real as possible, I understand the pitfalls that came with using older rosters for a season that had already passed.

Now, thanks to some degenerates like myself, we have brand new, updated 2020 football rosters for all 126 teams in the game. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we have rosters earlier than I can ever remember. We’re going to be unveiling them tomorrow for your curiosity as we tidy them up a bit more.

This will allow us to do a full, first-run simulation at the 2020 college football season using your 2020 Cal Bears.

Will Chase Garbers take that leap? Will Justin Wilcox’ squad look as good as some pundits think? Can they replace those now-NFLers in the secondary? What does the linebacker position look like sans Evan Weaver?

We’re going to get those answers as best we can, simulating through the entire first season with these rosters updated for every squad on the game.

Be sure to follow along with me on Twitter — @CamMellor — as anything we do live will be over there.

And stay tuned for a detailed look at the updated football rosters coming.

Once we get them finalized, we’ll put them here and take your feedback into any other alterations that have to take place before we simulate through the 2020 season.

Until then, keep hope that Cal retains the Axe come the end of this simulation!