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Grace Leer’s American Idol journey comes to an end

The former Cal Bear missed the finale by one episode

ABC’s “American Idol” - On With The Show: Homeward Bound - Who Made The Top 10?

As quickly as it seems her emergence began, her journey on the show is over. Grace Leer, the former Cal Bears soccer standout, has been eliminated from the popular TV show American Idol, failing to make the Top 7: From Home!, and missing out on the finale by one episode.

She made it to the Top 11: From Home! with her rendition below:

And wowed the judges constantly with her voice from home, in American Idol’s coronavirus shortened and modified season.

She just didn’t quite get the votes in what has been described as an ‘ultra-fierce’ competition this season, and Leer missed out on the finale by what seemed like a very tight race for the final spot in the top seven.

Either way, Leer made some fans out of the millions she impressed this season and certainly will have a tremendous career ahead of her.

Way to make Berkeley proud, Grace! You had our votes!