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Favorite jersey number, ever

A lotta greats have worn a lotta different numbers — so what’s your fav?

15th Annual Insight Bowl - University of California Berkeley vs Virginia Tech Photo by Steve Grayson/WireImage

It’s Jersey Week at SBNation and today brings with it a look at your favorite jersey numbers across all sports.

Maybe it’s a bruising No. 10 punishing defenders at the point of attack.
cough Marshawn Lynch cough

Perhaps it’s No. 8 dropping dimes on unsuspecting defensive backs.
Yeah, Aaron Rodgers I fully suspect to see a lot of

What about No. 5 dishing assists past every Pac-12 defender in his way.
Jason Kidd is an absolute legend, you know it, I know it, Vegetable Lasagna knows it

Then there’s No. 13 bending it around the goalpost.
C’mon, who doesn’t love Alex Morgan

Might I add a specific No. 44 posterizing players in the end zone.
Tony Gonzalez IS the conversation for best to ever do it at tight end

Everyone’s going to have a favorite jersey number in Cal history, so drop ‘em below.

If we know anything about me by now, it’s that my favorite is undoubtedly going to be a certain, speedy No. 4 just zooming by folks left and right. A perfectly placed No. 4 on the front and back of a one Jahvid Best as he broke ankles of every closest defender.

So, have at it. What’s your favorite jersey number in Cal Athletics history?