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Elijah Hicks’ mission continues

Hicks has tripled his original goal of donations during the coronavirus pandemic but he’s not stopping there

California v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

We documented Cal safety Elijah Hicks and his mission to get to $10,000 for low-income families during the coronavirus pandemic and we’re glad to say that $10,00-goal has not only be surpassed, it has been tripled.

But he’s not stopping there.

The new goal for Hicks and his Intercept Poverty charity is set at $40,000 after clearing the $30,000 goal.

The mission continues and grows every day as the United States comes to grips with the pandemic that is altering every bit of our lives. Low-income families have been hard hit and Hicks and his fellow Pac-12 and NCAA comrades are raising money to take care of those.

Among those helped out are families with the following issues and more during the COVID-19 outbreak:

• Majority of low income jobs don’t offer paid sick days
• According to 2019 Federal reserve study 40% of Americans could not come up with $400 to cover an emergency
• Low income people are way more likely to be uninsured or underinsured for medical care
• Shutting down schools has unintended effects on low income families
• Many low income children rely on free and reduced school breakfast and lunches for their daily nutrition
• Parents can’t always afford child care especially when there school age kid is supposed to be in school
• As many schools transition to online learning there are millions of households that lack access to high speed internet

Their message rings true ever since the day they released it.

If you can, if you have any ability, please help Hicks and his amazing cause.

You can donate following this link: Intercept Poverty COVID-19 Campaign

Thank you for what you are doing, Elijah. We’re proud of you, and we’re proud that you’re a Bear!