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Cal Football: 9th-best odds to win the 2020 Pac-12 Championship

Or in other words — the fourth-worst odds to win

California V Utah Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Sure, there are no sports going on right now. And sure, why not produce the odds to win the 2020 Pac-12 Championship now?

That’s exactly what the oddsmakers at FOX Bet must have been thinking as they produced the Pac-12 Championship odds for the 2020 season.

The defending Pac-12 Champion Oregon Ducks headline the odds as they open the season as the favorites to repeat and win it all again but what may surprise some, is where the Cal Golden Bears find themselves in the offseason odds.

Ninth-best odds. +2800. Fourth-worst.

However you want to look at it, that’s not much love for a group of players on offense who should improve from last year and an established, solid All-Pac-12 capable quarterback in Chase Garbers.

Sure, they are switching up the offensive game plan under new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave and lose a ton of starpower on defense, but the return of Garbers as well as several strong pieces on offense should give more than some pause to the ninth-best odds.

Christopher Brown is set to carry the load while Nikko Remigio, Makai Polk and Kekoa Crawford are more than talented threats at receiver. Elijah Hicks and Camryn Bynum should anchor a secondary that has to replace Ashtyn Davis and Jaylinn Hawkins but also returns promising stars in the making in Cameron Goode and Kuony Deng.

Perhaps the most unsung hero of all the returning players is center Michael Saffell, who would be my pick for preseason All-Pac-12 center. A people-mover in the middle of the offense who should pave the way for huge lanes for Brown and Co. out of the backfield.

Still, odds are what they are at this point of a 2020 football season still in jeopardy of postponement (and worse, cancelation). So, we’ll just take them for what they are.

In good news, Cal does find themselves as a better chance to win the Pac-12 than Stanford.

Just saying.