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CGB Open Thread: Coronavirus has us in quarantine, how have you coped?

Neil Diamond gives us ‘Sweet Caroline: the coronavirus remake’ among other terrific social-distancing moments

Keep Memory Alive Honors Neil Diamond At 24th Annual Power Of Love® - Inside Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Keep Memory Alive

Multiple states issued stay-at-home orders over the weekend and we can expect that is likely to continue as the country continues to battle an unseen enemy. The coronavirus has taken its toll on the world, our country and sports alike so at a time like this, we open it up to you, the people, to let our thoughts roam free.

There have been many ‘viral moments’ on social media that have helped us pass the time. From the push-up challenge to Neil Diamond’s new rendition of Sweet Carolina urging you not to shake hands nor touch anyone, social media has helped carve out the way we receive news, deal with our quarantines and spend time with our friends, family and loved ones.

While there are a bevy of ways out there on the national stage — I wanted to open it up today (since we’re all at home now practicing our social distancing, right?) to everyone here at CGB:

How have you been keeping busy?

What have you been doing to pass the time?

Any tips and tricks to help other CGB or even non-CGB members out during this time?

Have a good fridge-foraging recipe to share?

Share a memory, video, photo or link of something that puts a smile on your face.

Let’s dish.