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Mel Tucker leaves Colorado for Michigan State

More Pac-12 coaching chaos.

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Well this is awkward.

First-year coach Mel Tucker is pulling the old Willie Taggart, publicly committing to Colorado and then flipping around and heading back east to Michigan State after the sudden retirement of Mark D’Antonio. This was after an initial, public rebuff by Tucker. Yikes.

Good news: Barring a surprise coaching hire like Eric Bieniemy, the departure of Mel Tucker will make the Cal 2021-22 schedule much easier, as the Bears flip Utah and Arizona State for Arizona and Colorado. And if Colorado does go in another direction and pick up a Graham Harrell or Andy Avalos, it could weaken a Pac-12 rival.

Bad news: The Pac-12 has now lost two coaches in two months to mid/bottom-tier SEC/B1G programs because of the growing revenue gap between the two conferences. Michigan State offering their new, unproven coach DOUBLE what Colorado provided in their base contract. Given the state of the Pac-12 contract, that is unlikely to change.

Basically, will Cal overpay to keep Justin Wilcox like Jeff Tedford? That is a pressing concern. We don’t know .