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Bears look to continue building on wins heading into toughest part of Pac-12 schedule

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NCAA Basketball: California at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears are currently 3-3 in conference play, with wins over Stanford, Washington and Washington State, and are heading into the toughest stretch of games for the conference schedule. The Bears are considered underdogs for every one of the next six games. Kenpom win percentages breaks down as follows: Oregon at home 19%, Oregon State at home 43%, Colorado away 7%, Utah away 24%, Arizona at home 24%, Arizona State at home 35%. The Bears are currently 9-2 at home (which already exceeds the win totals of any of the past two seasons), and that should lean into why we have higher win percentages at home. Being 7% underdogs at Colorado while just only 15% at home against Arizona seems too far apart. Considering the Bears are top 50 in creating non-steal turnovers and are very good in transition, while Colorado turns the ball over on 20.2% of their possessions. The Buffs rank near the bottom in 2PT% at 47.9% which is 237th in the country, while the Bears surprisingly have done well in protecting anything inside the arc; only allowing 45.4% which ranks in at 65th in the country. The Arizona Wildcats strangely looks to be the worse matchup for Bears, despite the game being at Haas giving them a higher win percentage. The Wildcats rank in the top 50 in all major offensive statistical categories and being number 11 in adjusted offensive efficiency. They also rank in at number 32 for adjusted defensive efficiency. That’s just a small statistical taste at what the Bears are staring at the next six games. At the end of it all, the Bears are projected to finish with a 12-19 record before the start of the Pac-12 Tournament. By any metric that should be considered an improvement for the program. This was going to be a long rebuild, and if the Bears are going to hasten the rebuild, they’re going to need to pull off some unlikely upsets while the coaching staff needs to hit the recruiting trail hard.

The Bears next game is hosting the Oregon Ducks, Thursday Jan 30th, at 6PM PST. Need tickets? Find them here.