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Checking in on the Pac-12 Coaching Carousel

Lots of assistant movement, and a lot more to come.

Moscow decorated for holiday season Photo by Stanislav Krasilnikov\TASS via Getty Images

Quite a few teams were looking for coaching hires this offseason, and still are. The storylines were endless. We had retirements, we had firings, we had next job offers, we had returns to the conference. The overarching trend for this offseason is the tweaking of staff via assistants. Washington State is the only team currently looking for a new HC. As we head towards the finish of the coaching hires, let’s take a look at the in’s and out’s so far for the Conference of Champions.


In: DC Paul Rhoads (UCLA DB), OLB Andy Buh (Rutgers DC), DL Stan Eggen (New Mexico DL)

Out: DC Marcel Yates (Fired), DL Iona Uiagalelei (Fired)


In: OC Zak Hill (Boise State OC), DB Chris Hawkins (USC GA), DC Tony White (CB/Defensive Passing Game Coordinator)

Out: OC/QB Rob Likens (Fired), WR Charlie Fisher (Not Retained), TE Donnie Yantis (Not Retained)


In: N/A

Out: N/A


In: N/A

Out: N/A


In: None right now

Out: OC Marcus Arroyo (UNLV HC)


In: N/A

Out: N/A


In: HC Jimmy Lake (UW Co-DC & DB), OC/QB John Donovan (JAX Jaguars Offensive Assistant RB/QB)

Out: HC Chris Petersen (Retirement), OC Bush Hamden (Fired), TE Jordan Paopao (Fired)


In: None right now

Out: HC Mike Leach (Mississippi State HC)


In: OC Bill Musgrave (NFL)

Out: OC Beau Baldwin (Cal poly HC), RB Nick Edwards (Cal Poly OC), OL Steve Greatwood (Retirement)


In: N/A

Out: N/A


In: None right now

Out: DC Clancy Pendergast (Fired), ST/TE John Baxter (Fired)


In: None right now

Out: DB Paul Rhoads (Arizona DC)

If there is any that were missed or needs to be updated, comment below! We’ll be updating this over the next few weeks!