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Non-Cal football open thread: Evil vs. Evil to help kick off 2019 Pac-12 action

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Stanfurd–USC and LSU–Texas among today’s headliners

Washington State Cougars v USC Trojans Photo by James Flores/Getty Images

Discuss all football games that don’t involve Cal, such as the LSU Tigers vs. the Texas Longhorns and Ross Bowers leading the Northern Illinois Huskies against the Utah Utes.

But tonight’s also got the Stanfurd Cardinal vs. the USC Trojans. Both Stanfurd–USC and Cal–Washington are scheduled to kick off at 7:30 p.m. PT, so I guess it will come down to the minutiae of the exact minute that each game starts to figure out which game will actually be the first Pac-12 game of 2019.

We’re also looking for some feedback regarding these open threads. If people want to discuss NFL games here, then we can keep it up on top of the front page to encourage discussion. If you’re only interested in college games, then we can let it move off the front page to declutter and focus more on Cal stories.


Do you intend to use these football open threads to discuss NFL games?

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