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From the Mic Men: The Great Northern War

Beat the Huskies.

Washington v California Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Oh boy. In only the second week of the season, the undefeated California Golden Bears are traveling up north to take on the preeminent power of the PAC-12.

This is no ordinary early-season matchup. In Seattle, under Saturday Night Lights, our Bears have a rare opportunity: the chance to announce to the PAC-12 North, nay, the nation, that a new power has arrived.

This is a game that has been circled on calendars for months. Coaches have alluded to the significance since spring, pundits have endlessly debated which defense is better, and fans have patiently sat, rewatching Evan Weaver’s pick-six and praying for another.

It took an eternity, but finally, we’re here. Take a deep breath, for you might forget to once the game starts.

So, Cal fans everywhere, I need you!


Against the Aggies, new faces were abound. On offense, The Only Chris Brown. Kekoa Crawford. Trevon Clark. On defense, Cash, Money, and Kuony Deng. BRETT JOHNSON. New faces that just ooze with potential, new faces that the Huskies can’t gameplan for this quickly. And these are just the rookies!

Look, it comes down to this. Evan Weaver trusts this team. Evan Weaver plays this game with a hometown chip on his shoulder. Evan Weaver is hype. If Evan Weaver is hype, why aren’t you?


I hate Washington. It’s an irrational hate with no real justification, but damn it, it’s innate. They’re on top and we’re not. It’s the oldest, rawest rivalry in the book: the underdog vs. the inevitable. And how simple they think of us! Husky faithful aren’t even treating this game as a threat! We’ve literally poured months into preparation for Saturday, yet all they blabber on about is “Can we give Eason the Heisman already?”

But that’s alright. They overlooked us last year. If they’re going to again, well, Bears by 50.


I’m also jealous of Washington. Not because of their talent or wins or anything tangible, but because I fully and honestly believe we can become them. Washington locks down local recruiting hotbeds, anchors the team around defense, and consistently competes for the division title. Washington uses their academic reputation to seal the deal on top recruits without compromising their team values.

That’s why this game is so important for us. This isn’t just staking a claim for the North; this division ain’t big enough for the two of us.

On Saturday night, we’ll know a lot more about our Bears. The tone will be set for the season. Wilcox becomes the GOAT or another goat. Everything we’ve prepared for comes to a head. I* can’t wait to be there, this Saturday, storming the field in Seattle.

What’s that spell? CAL!

Who are we? CAL!

And who’s gonna win? CAL!


*Actually the other Mic Man, Tyler, will be there. But Pappy’s is a close-enough experience.