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Golden Nuggets: Kekoa Crawford Finds a Home

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Cal Men’s Soccer unveils Kaleo’s Korner

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at California
We’re all using the same Crawford pics for now, but hopefully we’ll get more variety in the coming weeks...
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


  • Kekoa Crawford took a hiatus from football after transferring from Michigan. Now he is at Cal and looking like a promising new receiver.
  • Ben Hawk Schrider not only grew up a Cal fan but got to hang out with greats like Aaron Rodgers as a kid. Now he is a grad transfer on this year’s team.
  • In 2017 and 2018, the Cal offense failed to score a touchdown against Washington. The Huskies lost most of their starting defenders due to graduation, but still looked pretty good against Eastern Washington. It will still be a tough test for the Bears.
  • Scout listed the Cal secondary and Washington QB Jacon Eason as one of the top national matchups in the country for this weekend.


  • The Cal women have looked good so far but their conference rivals also are nearly perfect so far, so question marks still remain.
  • Men’s soccer player Kaleo Fernandez will write a weekly blog for Cal Athletics. You can check out his first article here.