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Golden Nuggets: Closing the Door on the UC Davis Game and Looking Ahead to UW

Men’s Soccer has a promising start.

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


  • Nam published his first Novel of 2019 before Monday’s Golden Nuggets, but just a few minutes after I already left for the Oakland Zoo.

Despite covering the spread exactly – Cal was a 13 to 14 point favorite at most places this week – the 27-13 victory over #5 FCS UC Davis wasn’t the kind of inspiring performance many teams hope for in their opener, nor did it do very much to make anyone feel differently about the season projections, which are mostly hovering at the 5 to 7 win range.

That is not to say that there were no improvements from last year’s team shown in this game. Chase Garbers and the rest of the receivers showed a vertical dimension not present at any point in 2018. Nikko Remigio breathed some life into a punt return game that’s not had any in recent years. For God’s sake, BRETT JOHNSON! (That’s it. That’s the sentence.)

But if those improvements continue to be negated by little dips in performance elsewhere, like they were on Saturday, you will eventually get a Cal team that kind of resembles the last one: scrappy, tough, and competitive in any given match-up, a headache for all opponents on the way to a low-tier bowl.


  • The ceiling is high for the Men’s Soccer team after a near “upset” of UC Irvine last weekend.