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Vegas opens with Cal as 15-point underbears to Oregon

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Looking to be a tough battle for Wilcox’s homecoming to Eugene.

Oregon v Stanford
Heyy u up?
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

After a hot start to the season for the California Golden Bears, life is about to get much, much tougher. Like when someone says to you “long distance won’t be that bad.”

After our first loss of the season, Cal is now heading into a tough battle against the Oregon Ducks that may prove to be pivotal to the race for the Pac-12 North. How tough? Well, Vegas has opened with the Ducks favored by 15 points with an over/under set at 47.

An optimist would note that Oregon is also a one-loss team. A pessimist would remind you that said loss was in a neutral-site Texas game against the Auburn Tigers. Since then, they’ve beaten their opponents by an average score of 44.3–5.0. And they’ve had a bye week to rest and prepare for us. Isn’t life just lovely?

As media will tirelessly remind you during this week, Justin Wilcox hails from Oregon and played for the Ducks as a quarterback, safety, and cornerback. Plus, Wilcox and star Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert are besties and one was the namesake of the other—I’ll let you guess which was which.

The Ducks are currently riding a two-game win streak over the Bears with our last win coming in double-overtime thanks to an interception by Jordan Kunaszyk back when he was just a player whose name confounded everyone. That win came over their worst team since 1991 (if not the early 80s), led by Mark Helfrich (straight into a fiery pit of disaster). Oregon has dominated the series of late, winning nine of the past ten; nonetheless, our war overall has been more balanced with Cal having 41 wins, 39 losses, and 2 ties. Our teams first met in 1899 with a 12–0 home win for the Golden Bears. Perhaps most critical to this series is that the folks at CGB North Addicted to Quack are hella cool and a joy to work and interact with.

This game will be quite the test to see how our team responds—but a daunting test, at that.