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Justin Wilcox, Evan Weaver, Cal players describe ASU performance as “bad, poor, terrible, horrible.”

Setting the tone.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at California Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears were pretty angry after blowing a chance to go 5-0 on Friday night against the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Head coach Justin Wilcox was visibly agitated, but interestingly much of the commentary was focused on a Bears defense that gave up three touchdowns.

“We didn’t play good defense at all, when you look at the way they ran the ball on us...we needed to make more of those plays, and we didn’t.”

Evan Weaver got even more heated, calling out the Cal defense and their lack of effort.

The quotes weren’t much different from the other Cal players. Linebacker Cameron Goode had this to say.

Obviously, we are not down, but we are just hungry.

And there was Devon Modster, who finished the game for Cal at quarterback.

“Honestly, I think I played terrible. Can play a lot better. I’ll pick it up next week,” Modster said. “It doesn’t hurt my confidence. I know what I’m capable of. Just got to grind next week and prepare for Oregon.”

Obviously, this was an emotional loss for Cal for many reasons, most notably with the injury to starting quarterback Chase Garbers. Cal had a legit shot at moving to 5-0 for the first time in four years, and now will have to wonder about every game going forward. It can’t be easy for anyone right now in that locker room, who now have to return to the drawing board and try and find answers to navigate the rest of what figures to be an unpredictable season.

Postgame interviews below.

Head coach Justin Wilcox

Linebacker Evan Weaver

Linebacker Cameron Goode

Offensive lineman Jake Curhan and quarterback Devon Modster

Wide receiver Trevon Clark