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Golden Nuggets: Get Ready for Gameday With Some Videos

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Gameday articles about your favorite Cal players.

NCAA Football: California at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


  • Get hyped for the ASU game by watching the Ole Miss short film, which I meant to post on Wednesday but just plain forgot when I was working late Tuesday night.
  • I’ve posted articles detailing how Marcel Dancy gives back to the East Bay, but now we have video!
  • Women’s Soccer player Kailee Gifford actually played high school football as a PK. In this video she recounts her high school days and proves she can still make field goals!
  • Josh Yuen does a video analysis of the final plays of the Ole Miss game.
  • Jeff Faraudo breaks down why the Bears are 4-0 so far this year.
  • Cal alum Ryan O’Callaghan has a book about coming out and the fear he had before doing so.

Pre-Game Articles

  • Speaking of Marcel Dancy, this article by Josh Yuen is one of the best biographical essays on Dancy yet.
  • And another player you hope makes a big impact on the field today is Nikko Remigio. Spencer Golanka wrote an article about him for today’s Gameday issue.