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Cal vs. ASU 1ST HALF: Bears push down the field and score to even the game 7-7.

Because nothing says “I’m cool” like references to eight-year-old pop culture.

Rebecca Black “Friday” Billboard Unveiling Ceremony Photo by Mark Sullivan/WireImage

Who doesn’t love Friday night games? Who doesn’t love Pac-12 After Dark? Who isn’t firm for Herm?

The California Golden Bears will face the Arizona State Sun Devils tonight at 7:30 p.m. PT airing on ESPN.

Start of Q1

Cal 1st Drive: Start drive on own 37. Punt after 5 plays.

ASU Scoring Play: Eno Benjamin on an 11 yard TD run.

8 plays, 80 yards, 2:48

Cal 2nd Drive: Starts drive on own 25.

Cal Scoring Play: 16 Yard TD Pass to Trevon Clark from Chase Garbers

6 plays, 75 yards, 2:47


Start of Q2

Cal 3rd Drive: ASU misses the 37 FGA. Cal takes over. An intentional grounding puts Cal in a bad spot. Punts. Punt is deflected and ASU takes over on Cal 37.

Cal 4th Drive: ASU misses ANOTHER FG. This time from 50 yards. Cal can’t convert on the 3rd down from a Tonges drop. Punts.

Cal 5th Drive: Cal starts on own 10. Chase goes down after a hard tackle on a scramble. Modster checks in. Endzone pick.