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Golden Nuggets: Post-Game Video and Reaction, Plus Instant Analysis From The Cal World

What does Cal’s win mean for the Pac-12, since they’re now the only undefeated team?

California v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Post-Game Video

Quotes from Cal Athletics

On Evan Weaver’s 22 tackles:

”It’s like that every week. When was the last time we haven’t sat in here and talked about (Evan) Weaver that way. He makes a lot of tackles every single week. He’s a really good football player. He’ll have things he needs to clean up, but every week he just has production. But we have to continue to grow the other guys and maybe they can steal one or two from him.”

On half time adjustments:

”We talked about some things schematically on both sides, but it was really a matter of execution. I think it’s a little bit over stated, but the offense came out and had a great drive and the defense got a couple three and outs back to back. But the middle of the game, second, and third quarters, the defense played better. But the first and fourth were not so good and we need to improve there.”

On the passing game:

”I think the guys played confident at all levels. There were some tough match ups in there with the pass rush and the guys running the routes attacking the ball. But I thought that was Chase (Garber)’s best game by far he played confident. He had one throw on the pick he would like to have back but I think he just played awesome.”

On Chase Garbers eluding defense:

”It’s huge, especially in the drop back pass when they win a few match ups, and getting out of some of those. Even getting back to the line of scrimmage and not losing six or seven yards which is tough to come back from. He made a number of those today and it is everything the next down and the down after that. I think he took a huge leap today.”

On the game:

”It was awesome. All day both sides of the ball showed up. Offense did a great job and started off great. We, as a unit, really locked in towards the end of the game there. We lost a few guys and had young guys playing. With young guys playing, there are going to be some mistakes and miscues, but we didn’t let any of that stop us and we just kept playing our game. We ended up getting the stop there at the end.”

On the outside linebackers:

”It was a little bit of just trusting everybody. The next guy up mentality. The young guys know what they’re doing. They’ve been through camp, they’ve been here a few years. They got in and played great. They did a great job. A few miscues like I said but nothing we can’t fix with film.”

On the stop:

”Just tackle the guy with the ball. Keep him from crossing the white stripe. That was really the game plan right there. We got lucky, we got some push in the middle, and we put it into them. Nothing they can do against us.”

On Chase Garbers:

”He’s just doing what he does in practice. We as a team are just making an effort to get our practice plays in the games. As you guys saw today, we are getting the ball rolling. It’s only a matter of time.”

On the receiving in practice:

”Oh, yeah. Everyday. It’s great that you guys get to see it. It’s great that everyone gets to see that our defense is the real deal.”

On the Cal fan base:

”It felt great to walk out and see a lot of blue and gold.”

On coming back home:

”I have been anticipating this since I first went to Cal. It finally hit me Sunday that the moment has finally arrived. Talking to my mom, I was trying to embrace everything. I was just trying to soak it up as much as possible.”

On how many people he brought to the game:

”I had 51 assigned tickets. I think it was way over 100 as far as the amount of people I saw. It was great to see people that I haven’t seen.”

Post-Game Analysis

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Pre-Game Articles

  • Jordan Duncan returned to his home state of Mississippi last Saturday. Before the game, Cal Bears Maven talked to him and his mom about the dream come true.