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VIDEO: Ole Miss unhappy about Cal ending, but Pac-12 refs appears to get the call correct

Cal wins!

California v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Ole Miss Rebels (players, coaches, fans) were super upset about how the Pac-12 judged what appeared to be a potential game-tying touchdown against the California Golden Bears. Here’s a statement from interim athletic director about the Pac-12 replay officiating crew.

For those who missed the ending, here’s the video.

First of all, it would’ve been very tough for Ole Miss to get any sort of replay done with time still left on the clock—the 3rd down play finished with just under 15 seconds left, the clock was running, and the Rebels had to hurry and run a play before time expired.

Expect the Pac-12 to issue a statement tomorrow, but at second glance from additional videos of the play, it looks like they made the right call.

Here’s the sideline view from the end zone (take a look at the second video in particular from Emily Van Buskirk).

I’m the first to get on the case of Pac-12 officiating—terrible calls have cost Cal football games on an almost annual basis. But in this case, it looks like the Pac-12 got this call correct.

A replay might have helped, but Ole Miss basically had to snap the ball within ten seconds, which wasn’t enough time for the Pac-12 replay team to buzz the officiating crew. Considering the Rebels ended up running on the first two plays and took most of the clock with a first-and-goal, one minute left situation, Ole Miss has just as much soul-searching to do about their clock management.