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Cal football recruiting update: Collin Gamble visits, Tyson McWilliams offered

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What about the next generation of Bears?

NCAA Football: North Texas at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

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For those hoping for more updates on California Golden Bears football recruiting, the bad news for you is that most of the news was already completed this offseason. The Bears have gained the majority of the commits they’ll need for this season, with probably only a handful more needed to complete the class.

Cal currently is sitting on 19 commits. While there is always the possibility of a few late defections, the majority of the work has already been done. Which isn’t the worst thing. It allows the coaching staff to focus on the games ahead rather than the off-the-field travails.

However, there is still some news from the first few weeks in September.

Cal is currently sitting on three defensive backs for this class, but with the majority of the outstanding Golden Bear secondary graduating in the next two years, depth will be important to stack up for the long-term future.

One of the more sought-after recruits left on the board is Collin Gamble from Argyle, TX. Gamble took an official to Cal on August 31 for the UC Davis game, and it sounds like the trip went well.

Gamble is racking up the offers: Michigan, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Utah, Washington State, Oregon State, Duke, Ole Miss, Texas Tech have all extended their hand. But the Liberty Christian defensive back sounds pretty positive at this point about the Bears.

A look at his junior tape.

Another high-potential commit is San Diego (Ca.) St. Augustine defensive back Tyson McWilliams, who is starting to pick up late momentum in the recruiting cycle. The early senior tape on McWilliams provided a huge boost for his prospects, as he appears to have made a significant athletic leap from his junior film.

If McWilliams’s Tweet is any indication, Cal might be in the game.

Oregon State also offered, as well as Army, Nevada, Utah State and Colorado State. Below is his early senior film.