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Golden Nuggets: Quotes and Notes From Cal’s Win over UC Davis

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What takeaways can we get from the game?

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Post-Game Presser

On overcoming a slow start: “There wasn’t any panic. The guys stayed with it. We knew there would be some adversity in this game.”

On Chase Garbers coming back after struggling early: “It was calming down and trusting his preparation. We expect him to make plays. He kept his composure and didn’t panic by any means. Overall, I liked that he battled back from a slow start. It was good to see.”

On Christopher Brown Jr.: “We knew Chris would touch the ball a lot. He ran like he has been running in the spring and fall camp. That’s what we expect of him. He’s a big, physical guy and this is his type of game – give it to him and let him break tackles. He’s a hard guy to bring down. It was great to see him out there. He’s been preparing for this.”

Chase Garbers, QB

On the slow start of the game and how they worked through it: “Early on in the game, the fumble off the opening kickoff was definitely a momentum swing for them, putting them in our redzone. I think that attributed to it. I think also offensively we came out too loose. I think we were lackadaisical to start in a way, I think just getting that first game out of us and we regrouped and we came back in the second quarter and the second half and did what we do. I think just getting that looseness out.”

On more explosive offensive performance: “The wide receiver group changed obviously, new additions which were big for us. I think after last season we just put more focus on pushing the ball downfield. I think we were so conservative as an offense last year, you know with our defense, trying not to mess up for them, but now I think coming off of spring ball and fall camp, and now game one, I think pushing the ball downfield is more of an emphasis for us and will be later on in the year.”

Kekoa Crawford, WR

On his Cal debut: “It was just a blessing to be back out there. It’s been two years, so it just felt good to get out there with the group of guys and show what I can do.”

  • Christopher Brown Jr. was the first Bear to rush for over 100 in their debut since Jahvid Best. Eleven players made their Cal debuts today. Those two and lots more in this week’s Postgame Notes.
  • Jeff Faraudo has some good insights from watching the game last Saturday.
  • Here’s a first look at the Washington Huskies, also from Faraudo.

Pre-Game Articles

As usual, when the Bears are at home there are often day-of-game articles about certain Cal players and I don’t get to put them in the Golden Nuggets on Friday. (or Thursday last year) The articles are usually fine to read after the game anyway.

  • Despite having family play for Arkansas, the Razorbacks never gave Luc Bequette a scholarship offer, but their loss was our gain.
  • Playing center was Michael Saffell’s destiny.


  • Catch up with five former Cal players from across different sports.