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Golden Nuggets: Post-Game Reaction from North Texas, And More

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Some Cal players and coaches give their reaction to the California bill letting players get paid.

North Texas v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images


Post-Game Presser

Quotes from Cal Athletics (They were pretty extensive this time around with transcripts, especially with Wilcox, so I’m not including everything here. Do take your time to click on the link!)

On today’s offensive performance: ”We found a way to win, which at times can be challenging at this level. We knew North Texas would come in with a really special quarterback and active defense. For us, it was all about the level of execution. The guys competed. There were a lot of new faces getting reps out there. It started fast. We got a big turnover early. I would’ve liked to have scored a few more touchdowns when we had the opportunity, but we didn’t get it done. The level of execution has to be better. The guys have been practicing hard, and our job as coaches is to give them answers. We’ll look at the tape, evaluate everything and start working on answers for them.”

On anticipating Chase Garbers run-heavy game: ”There’d be a few designed reads in there for him. Maybe one to two called runs, but a lot of them were max drop scrambles. We didn’t anticipate him running the ball like that. It’s just the way the game unfolded.”

Comparing Mason Fine to the last two Cal QB opponents: ”They’re all different. Fine’s one heck of a football player. He can throw it, he gets out of the pocket and does a nice job throwing it on the run. There’s a reason he’s the leading returning passer in the country. He’s played a lot of football for them and has been really productive. I thought our guys battled and made it tough on him at times. He put a couple drives together with some good plays. In the end, it was nice to see Cam Bynum and Weaver get in there and make plays when we needed them to.

On designed quarterback runs heading into this game: ”We saw, prepping for them this week, that the quarterback run game was going to be a big part of our game plan and we just had to go execute.”

On why the offense slowed down after the first quarter: ”Well it starts with me, you know, just have to put balls in the right spot and everywhere else we just have to execute better.”

On his run game and being two-dimensional: ”It’s fun to be two-dimensional, be a dual-threat as they like to say. But as a quarterback you try not to take as many hits, so you just have to do what you have to do for the team.”

On holding opponents to under 25 points: ”I think that a few ways we can get better, just knowing our communication, make sure we are talking out there, alignments are right and make sure that everybody — the ones, the twos, the threes — all know what they are doing. So when they get out there, the younger more unexperienced guys know what they are doing. That is a huge part of building success and staying successful is making sure that the young guys, when they have their chance, still know what they are doing for the future.”

On evaluating the offense: ”There is lots of potential in this offense. There are a lot of guys, a lot of playmakers in the offense, it’s just a fact of getting it done.”

On what was clicking early in the season for the offense: ”I think it was the scheme at first, but, really, it was most importantly the confidence that we went into it with. There was a lot of confidence and we were very well prepared. I think a culmination of all of those things is what really put it together.”

Post-Game Articles

  • Ten games in a row have the defense given up no more than 20 points, and the Bears are perfect in non-conference play in the Justin Wilcox era. Learn this and more in Cal Athletics’ post-game notes.
  • Jeff Faraudo’s post-game takeaways. Check out The Daily Cal’s as well.
  • Get an early look at Ole Miss courtesy of Cal Bears Maven.

Pre-Game Articles

  • The first Daily Cal spotlight article is on local product Ben Hawk Schrider. I’ve posted articles on him before but this one by Emily Ohman is good, and I think the first one since his pretty solid game at Washington.
  • Their second spotlight article, by Shailin Singh, is on rising newcomer Kuony Deng.
  • An article in SF Chronicle about the new bill that could compensate college players has some quotes from Cal players and Justin Wilcox.

Cal cornerback Camryn Bynum, speaking after a practice this past week, called the proposed state legislation “big” and welcomed the possibility of players sharing in college football’s abundant revenue. Bynum has lived in an apartment in Hayward for most of his Cal career, partly to limit rent costs. (He’s now planning to move closer to campus.)

“I had to learn to use my money wisely and find the cheapest place to live,” Bynum said. “But any extra money would always be good, because there are months where we live paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes things don’t come on time so you’re kind of struggling. Any extra money, anytime, would be good.”

Bynum made a point of saying college football players are treated well, and he called it a blessing that his scholarship covers tuition and books at one of the nation’s top universities. The reality, though: Despite helping their schools wade in revenue, athletes sometimes struggle to meet expenses, especially in the ever pricey Bay Area.