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Cal vs. North Texas FINAL: Cal wins 23-17 off an explosive 1st quarter

We scored a bunch in the 1st. Controlled the clock in the 2nd. Now what do we do?

North Texas v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If you mix the blue and gold from the California Golden Bears, you get green—just like the North Texas Mean Green.

Kickoff was at 1:15 p.m. PT with coverage on the Pac-12 Network or maybe just Pac-12 Bay Area.

All events will be chronological!

1st Half Stats

Third Quarter

  • North Texas fair catches and starts on their own 25. PA Pass to the outside. Cal defense lost contain. Official review to see if the ball carrier stepped out of bounds. Review stands. 68 yard pass play for Fine to Darden.
  • Jaylinn Hawkins calls the fair catch. Cal starts on own 25.
  • Cal 7th Drive Notes: CBJ runs for loss of 3. Pass to Reinwald for 11. Deep to Nikko. PI call on North Texas. Defender didnt even turn around and just put his hands up. QB draw to get the 1st down. Dancy runs for 3. Chase runs for another gain of 3. Cal goes for it on 4th and 4. Chase runs it and converts. Cal gets stopped and Greg Thomas knocks through the 34 yard FG.
  • 5th Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 58 yards, 5:21
  • North Texas starts drive on its own 25 and converts a 23 yard pass play on 3rd down for the 1st down. Bynum with a huge PBU in the endzone. Timed perfectly to get his hand in there. TRAVEON BECK GETS HIS FIRST PICK OF THE SEASON AND HIS FIRST PICK AT MEMORIAL IN HIS CAREER.
  • Cal 8th Drive Notes: Cal starts on own 42. Dancy runs into OL and loses a yard. Screen to Dancy and gets a yard. Dancy swing pass is half a yard short. Longhetto punts it and North Texas returner is downed at their own 7.
  • North Texas starts drive on its own 7. Gets the 1st down on a run with 4 missed tackles from the Bears. North Texas goes quick on 4th down and gets the 1st down on the 2nd effort. Cal gives up another 1st down on 3rd by giving up the underneath routes.

Fourth Quarter

  • Kuony Deng makes the TFL after Weaver forced Fine to throw to his check down. North Texas punts. Cal starts on own 15.
  • Cal 9th Drive Notes: Netherda run for 3. Garbers holds on to the ball too long and gets sacked for 3. Garbers runs and is short of the first. Cal out to punt. Hawkins drops the North Texas return man on the North Texas 30.
  • North Texas starts on own 30. They get the first down. Chigozie Anusieum gets in for the PBU. Joey Ogunbanjo gets the hurry and forces the throw out of bounds. North Texas out the punt.
  • Nikko Remigio calls for the fair catch. Cal starts on own 25.
  • Cal 10th Drive Notes: Swing pass on 3rd down to Dancy gets the 1st down. Chase is sacked after a holding call on the previous play. Chase converts the 3rd and 24 to Duncan for 27 yards. Deep to Clark. PI call moves the ball up 15 yards. REINWALD DROPS A SURE FIRE TD. WIDE OPEN. Cal takes a time out into a pooch punt. North Texas starts on its own 25.
  • North Texas starts on its own 25. Turner called for a PI going for the PBU. Brett Johnson gets into the backfield and almost gets the sack but just tangles his feet up short of the tackle. Fine throws the 18 yard pass for the touchdown.
  • North Texas goes for the onside. Cal just goes down on it. Cal starts on own 20.
  • Cal 11th Drive Notes: Cal needs 2 first downs to win. North Texas calls TO after the CBJ run for no gain. Chase just runs all the way to the sideline before being tackled down. North Texas uses its final TO. Chase runs and gets 5 yards. Longhetto out to punt. North Texas with a fair catch at the 35.
  • North Texas starts on own 35. False start brings them back another 5 yards. Incomplete pass from North Texas, Ashtyn Davis with the PBU. Ashtyn at the sideline again forces the receiver out for no gain. High throw from Fine, Hicks on the coverage. Cal calls timeout. North Texas with 4th and 15 on their own 30 yard line. Bynum and Weaver force the PBU. Cal gets the ball and it’s over.