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Cal vs. North Texas 1st Half: Cal leads 20-3


NCAA Football: New Mexico Bowl-North Texas vs Utah State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If you mix the blue and gold from the California Golden Bears, you get green—just like the North Texas Mean Green.

You’re not here to read what I’m writing, so that’s all I’ve got for you.

Kickoff is scheduled at 1:15 p.m. PT with coverage on the Pac-12 Network or maybe just Pac-12 Bay Area.

All events will be chronological!

First Quarter

  • North Texas won the toss and elected to defer. Cal starts off with the ball after a touchback.
  • Cal Opening Drive Notes: 2 penalties on UNT for 30 yards. Garbers run for 19 yards. CBJ into the endzone from the 3 yard line after a 14 yard pass from Garbers to Crawford setup the run. First Cal points in the first quarter this season
  • 1st scoring drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, 3:35
  • Jaylinn Hawkins forces the fumble from Fine, UNT jumps on it. Cal somehow comes up with it. Brett Johnson comes out with the ball from the pile!
  • Cal 2nd Drive Notes: Starts at UNT 22 after FF. Illegal man downfield brings the ball back. CBJ runs for 14. Incomplete pass from Garbers then CBJ gets stuffed. Greg Thomas knocks in the 32 yard attempt.
  • 2nd scoring drive: 4 plays, 7 yards, 1:23
  • TFL by Goode loss of 6. Tevin Paul blows up his blocker forces the hurry, incomplete pass. 3 and out for UNT.
  • Nikko calls for fair catch on Cal 34.
  • Cal 3rd Drive Notes: QB DRAW for 8 yards. Facemask penalty gets Cal another 15 yards. Throw on the run to Nikko for a gain of 17. Garbers throws it away. Dancy runs it for 3 yards. Garbers has no where to throw forced out of bounds for a loss of 4. Greg Thomas knocks in the 44 yard attempt.
  • 3rd scoring drive: 7 plays, 39 yards, 2:26
  • Cal forces 3 and out AGAIN. 3 of 3.
  • Nikko returns the punt 31 yards to UNT 31
  • Cal 4th Drive Notes: False start on Clark. Chase runs it for a gain of 12. Holding on Cal. Throw to Nikko is incomplete. Garbers to Nikko for 36 yards. Touchdown.
  • 4th scoring drive: 3 plays, 33 yards, 1:05
  • Fair catch for UNT starts them on their own 25
  • UNT finally gets their first 1st down of the game through an interior run. Personal Foul on Camryn Bynum gifts the Mean Green another 1st down and 15 yards. Holding on UNT.

2nd Quarter

  • Open man for UNT and the WR drops the ball in the end zone. Delay of game on UNT. Pooch punt! Out of bounds at the Cal 8.
  • Cal 5th Drive: 1 yard gain for CBJ. CBJ hurdles a player and gets the 1st down. Dancy spin and trucks for 5 yards. Garbers flushed out of the pocket and throws it away. Steps up and tucks and runs for the 1st down. Dancy loses a yard on the run. Garbers throws it away. CBJ runs for 11 and the 1st. Garbers throws it over Polk’s head. CBJ runs for 7. Hawkins with the reception just shy of the 1st down. Endaround handoff to Nikko is good for the 1st. CBJ run for 5 yards. Garbers runs out and throws it away. Pass is batted down. Longhetto comes out for the short punt. His first punt of the day comes at 6:52 in the 2nd quarter. Returned back to UNT 40.
  • Cam Goode sacks Fine for a loss of 6. Fine with 2 completed passes to get the 1st. Beck ALMOST makes the pick on 3rd down, ball goes right through his hands. 24 yard FG is good for North Texas.
  • Jeremiah Hawkins takes the KOR to the North Texas 42. 53 yard return for Hawkins.
  • Cal 6th Drive Notes: Garbers throws his ball too high to Hawkins. Nikko can’t haul in the pass as he goes to ground. Dancy run for 6. Cal goes for it on 4th down and nothing there. Cal turns it over.
  • UNT starts on own 41 with 13 seconds left. North Texas runs out the clock.