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Non-Cal football open thread: Indiana takes on The™ Ohio State

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Apologies to T™BB for all of the™ things I’m about to say in this post.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 13 Ohio State Spring Game
All signage should be updated immediately to reflect that The™ Ohio State is the™ Home of The™.
Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Me wearing too many hats during the™ season means me prewriting a bunch of these weeks in advance means you having to read references to current events that are no longer very current.

(But as fate would have it, they just passed a ruling on this trademark application, meaning I’m back to being relevant!)

This thread is the™ place to discuss all football games that do not involve the™ California Golden Bears.

This week, we’ve got the™ Indiana Hoosiers against the Ohio State Thes™. I usually try to stay off the™ Ohio State hate train, but the™ pursuit of a trademark on such a basic, common word seems like the™ epitome of absurd.

T™BB, I’m sorry. Please still be my friend as I only have, like, four.

In Pac-12 news, the™ Hawaii Warriors conclude their tour of the™ Pac-12 against the™ Washington Huskies. Melquise Stovall and the™ Warriors are 2–0 with wins over the™ Arizona Wildcats and the™ Oregon State Beavers, but can they make it to 3?