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Cal Football Fall Camp 2019: Notebook #3

Practice and slip-n-slides!

Cheez-It Bowl - California v TCU Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Another day of practice, before a day off. Perfect day for some Football. The practice was setup with much more team periods to run some situational work. Offense and defense both still tweaking and testing out different groups and plays against each other.

  • As much as the staff is giving reps to guys they think will play a big part this year, the younger guys are getting equal opportunity to showcase their skills and maybe push for some playing time this season.
  • That being said, younger guys aren’t being thrown out there with just young guys. There’s a very good mix of the vets with the newer players during team periods. That’s a big time help if these guys have to play in games that they weren’t expecting to. They’ll have experience playing with the older guys.
  • Completion totals for the Garbers and Modster during the 1-on-1 period is as follows:
  • Chase Garbers - 6/12
  • Devon Modster - 6/12
  • Dead even during 1-on-1s. There was one INT during the period. The pick was by Jaylen Martin. He came down with it after contesting a throw by Garbers.
  • The Wide Receivers struggled to catch the ball during the 1-on-1 period today. Catchable balls were dropped and some just could not hold onto it as they went to ground.
  • Team practice focused on 3rd down conversions and red zone for situational work.
  • Run plays and short passes were efficient and effective. For medium to long passes, the team struggled to convert. The Bears struggled to convert on third downs and score touchdowns in the red zone last season, so to make this a point of emphasis for team periods is an easy call.
  • Garbers had his best rep during the 3rd down situations. He used the hard count to see where the blitz maybe coming from. It looked like he audibled the pass protection to shift to the blitz. That bought him enough time after the snap to find Jordan Duncan for a 60+ yard reception.
  • When it came to redzone work the QBs played very differently. Garbers was more willing to gamble for the end zone to close out the drive. Modster looked to the open player with what the defense gave him eating up a yard here and a yard there.
  • To end practice, the competition period for the day was a slip-n-slide. Players had drafted their own teams and a team rep slid to try and get the furthest down. Kuony Deng was impressive with his technique at the end of his momentum to turn to get a few more feet. Collin Moore talks about the winner in his banner appearance below.
  • Coach Torre Becton came over to the media and asked if we were going to participate. I won’t lie, with the heat and sun, it was a very tempting offer. At the same time, the speed and distance these guys were getting were intimidating.

So that’s it for this notebook. We have a day off today, so no notebook tomorrow, but it will be back Friday morning! See y’all on the other side.