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Golden Nuggets: The Athletic Writes About Ashtyn Davis

A long preview has been released this weekend by Cal Bears Maven.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 27 Washington at Cal Photo by Matt Cohen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

All football today

  • The Athletic covers Cal’s Ashtyn Davis. You do need a subscription to view it (and since I don’t, I can’t post any quotes) but if The Athletic gets some subscriptions because of my post maybe they will write more Cal articles?
  • Golden Bear Report explains why the key to this season is Chase Garbers, and notes he’s improved in camp so far.
  • Cal Bears Maven has a 4 part preview of the 2019 Cal Football team:

Part 1: We know about the star players on defense, will the offense have any?

Part 2: The Bears’ strengths and weaknesses.

Part 3: A breakdown of the team’s difficult schedule one by one.

Part 4: Questions that need answers... with the answers included.