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CGB is looking for new volunteer writers!

NCAA FOOTBALL: AUG 26 Sydney College Football Cup - Cal v Hawaii Photo by Steven Markham/ Icon Sportswire

Our California Golden Blogs team has been undergoing some changes over the years, and we’re putting out the call to get more writers into the fold.

What we’re looking for (these are general guidelines, not hard and fast rules).

  • You’re a passionate Cal fan
  • You enjoy writing about the Bears or have significant creative writing experience.
  • You have the ability to write at least one article for CGB on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  • You’re able to respond and write rapidly in a fast-paced digital media environment.

Football recruiting writers. We are looking for Golden Bears who want to cover football recruiting more regularly and generally have a passion for following all recruiting pertaining to Cal. You’ll get plenty of assistance from me with anything you need. Several of our original recruiting reporters have gone onto write for multiple digital media sports outlets. For analysis-minded reporters, this should also give you the chance to break down player tape.

Basketball game writers. We are looking for writers who want to cover the Men’s and/or Women’s basketball team. Looking for interest in writing previews for games and recaps for games. Ability to go to games is an added bonus, but not a requirement.

E-Sports writer. We are looking to broaden the spectrum of our sports coverage and are looking for someone with interest into the realms of E-Sports. It could be LoL, DOTA2, CSGO, Overwatch, HOTS, SC2, we are looking for someone to write on the Cal affliated players or teams that are participating in either Pro or Amateur leagues. Knowledge of the games would be recommended.

Reporters/digital media. If you are an aspiring Golden Bear journalist local to the Bay Area who is interested in conducting interviews or anything of that sort, this might interest you. There are press box openings to some Cal events (Olympic sports, Baseball, Women’s Basketball, to name a few). Several of our writers have gone onto work for Cal Rivals and other major publications due to their outstanding work in this position, and the current manager Trace Travers is the current manager of Cal Rivals.

Pitch us: If you have particular post topics you’d like to write about on a regular basis pertaining to Cal topics, contact CGB at goldenblogs at gmail dot com.

Perks: Writers at CGB have gone on to manage and/or write at SB Nation, Rivals (the Cal Rivals site is essentially grad school for CGB writers), Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CBS, local news media stations. They have gone on to attend grad school at Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Georgetown. Our writers also work in many diverse fields in their day jobs (law, business, education, science, dentistry, technology, policy), so you will be joining one of the most robust network of Cal alumni on the Internet you can find.

How to apply: Please email goldenblogs at gmail dot com if you are interested. Send relevant writing samples.