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Predict the 2019 Pac-12 Football Season

Let’s see how the Pac-12 will unfold this season.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Ohio State vs Washington Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we predicted how the Bears will fare in each game this season (if you did not participate, go here and submit your results by Friday—we’ll share the results next week). This week we turn our attention to the entire Pac-12. Because we have 54 games to evaluate rather than 12, we will only pick the winners of each game. Trying to come up with a win probability for each of these games would be an exercise in tedium that even the most devious Stat 134 professor wouldn’t foist upon us. So this week’s task is pretty simple: for each conference game pick the team you think will win. Since we’re covering the entire Pac-12, I made the task easy enough that even an ASU student can understand it. If you have trouble accessing the embedded form below, go here for a direct link.

Thanks for participating! Check out our Cal-specific results next week and we will post these results the following week, just before Pac-12 play gets underway.