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Cal Football Fall Camp 2019: Notebook #5

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NCAA Football: Idaho State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

A beautiful day out at Memorial stadium in August. The Bears went fully live for the first time in camp with situational work like 3rd downs and 2 minute drill, but the majority of practice was dedicated to a scrimmage with live tackling, except of course the QB. I can’t go through the play-by-play but, let’s look at the stats and key plays.

*Disclaimer: These are unofficial stats taken by myself throughout the duration of the scrimmage period.
  • Offensive Player(s) of the Day: WR Jeremiah Hawkins (2 touchdowns and over 100 yards receiving) and TE Collin Moore (2 touchdowns)
  • Defensive Player(s) of the Day: OLB Orin Patu (3 sacks, 2 coming in the scrimmage period)
  • QB Chase Garbers

Rushing: -3 yards on 3 attempts (Includes loss on 2 sacks)

Passing: 89 yards on 4/7 with two touchdowns and an interception

3rd Down Conversions - 0/1

  • QB Devon Modster

Rushing: -6 yards on 3 attempts (Includes loss on 2 sacks)

Passing: 77 yards on 4/9 passing with a touchdown.

3rd Down Conversions - 2/7

  • Rushing

Christopher Brown Jr. - 2 yards on 1 carry

Deshawn Collins - 31 yards on 9 carries

Alex Netherda - 25 yards on 5 carries

Marcel Dancy - 53 yards on 7 carries

DeCarlos Brooks - 53 yards on 13 carries

  • Receiving

Collin Moore - 42 yards on 2 catches with two touchdowns

Jeremiah Hawkins - 124 yards on 3 catches and a touchdown

Kekoa Crawford - 10 yards on 1 catch

Alex Netherda - 9 yards on 1 catch

Evan King - Touchdown

Elijah Mojarro - 20 yards on 2 catches

Makai Polk - Loss of 1 on 1 catch

  • Sacks

Joey Ogunbanjo

Lone Toailoa

Braxten Croteau

Orin Patu x 2

Curley Young Jr.

JH Tevis

Ben Coleman

  • Pass Breakups

Steve Mcintosh

Craig Woodson

  • Tackles for Loss

Branden Smith

Gabe Cherry

Kyle Smith

  • Interceptions

Daniel Scott

Craig Woodson

  • Now that the stats are out of the way let’s talk about some key plays.
  • Daniel Scott’s interception was incredible as he saw the play unfolding and quickly jumped in front of the receiver. He then made the grab and toe tapped one foot before falling out of bounds.
  • The QB’s both moved the ball well. Some key drops by the tight ends and receivers did not help their stat lines and also when they needed to convert on 3rd down.
  • The OL played particularly well today when getting into the run game. They opened up great gaps for the running backs to gain some solid rhythm and confidence. Pass game not so much, as you can see from the multitude of sacks.
  • The outside linebackers. Lord have mercy to our opponents this year. Every guy brings something different with a certain combination of speed, length, and power. If the younger guys are put in with the sole aspect of getting after the QB they will be able to wreak havoc in the backfield. Orin Patu flashed big time today. His body has changed drastically from when he first arrived on campus. He’s listed at 6-foot-4 & 220 pounds, thats 20 pounds heavier than it was in January.
  • TE Collin Moore had a big day with two touchdown receptions. One was in the endzone. The other was caught maybe two yards out and he was able to turn and punch it in despite contact from two defenders. He’s looking to be a very formidable weapon for the offense along with all of the other younger tight ends. By the way, we have no upperclassmen tight ends. Everyone is a redshirt sophomore or younger.
  • THE HAWK HAS RISEN. Jeremiah Hawkins exploded today. What a day for the kid. He actually could’ve had more but had a drop to start the day but bounced back by catching balls all over the field. Impressive day for the man who received flak during the season for not being able to catch open passes. I’m rooting for him to have a bounce back season this year.

That’s pretty much it from the notebook today. Sorry it’s a day late, but got caught up working on our new discord channel and other things. Stay tuned for more updates from camp here on CGB.

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