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Predict the 2019 Cal Football Season!

How will the Bears fare this season?

Until we find a functional crystal ball, these predictions are the best we can do.
Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

We are deep into fall camp and only a couple of practices remain until the season opener against UC Davis. Having seen how the California Golden Bears Bears have performed in fall camp (and how our opponents have fared in the offseason), we can put that knowledge to use by predicting how the season will unfold for the Bears. Once again, it’s time for our semi-annual season predictions.

The instructions are simple: for each game, rate the Bears’ chances of winning from 0 to 100. If you think Cal has a 50% chance of winning, put “50” in the form; if you think the Bears have a 75% chance of winning that game, enter “75,” and so on. Even an Oregon fan could figure this out. If you have trouble accessing the form embedded below, you can use this direct link.

To get a projected number of wins, add up your numbers for all 12 games and divide by 100. Thanks for participating!