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Golden Nuggets: Media Day Recap, And Lots More

Collin Morikawa has made a splash in the PGA Tour.

Washington v California Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images


  • The Daily Cal has a good wrap-up of Media Day, and the defense scoffs at the notion that Cal is going to have a bad season.

“Personally, I feel like we can win every game,” said star linebacker Evan Weaver. “When you go out there and if you think it’s gonna be a toss up, then you’re gonna lose, so you gotta go out there and be ready to win.”

While the players may not convey tangible team targets to reach this season, there are certainly aspirations that Cal believes it has the skill to tackle.

“We were able to beat the team that played in the Rose Bowl, so we know in our hearts that we deserve to be there. It was the small mistakes that we made during the season that put us behind,” Bynum said.

  • Camryn Bynum doesn’t seem bothered by the Cal defense getting snubbed from the Thorpe Award watchlist, during this video interview with Cal Bears Maven’s Jake Curtis.
  • Read more on why the defense has had such a big turnaround last season, and should be great this season. There’s also a breakdown on who are pivotal pieces in 2019.
  • One of those pivotal pieces is Zendae Johnson. Learn why he is such an important piece here.
  • As far as which players have the most potential... Nam Le has picked his 10 prospects and Trace Travers made a list himself.
  • Who are the players to watch this season? Golden Bear Report gives you their watchlist.
  • Cal football and men’s basketball ranks No. 9 in Cal Bears Maven’s Pac-12 rankings by combined (recent) success.
  • In a look down memory lane, here are all the recruits from Sonny Dykes’ final year (2016) and how many are still producing for the team. (It’s not a lot...)


  • Collin Morikawa has wasted no time making a splash in the pros, having a great showing on the PGA Tour.
  • Cal won the last academic year’s Pac-12 Zero Waste challenge!