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Cal Men’s Track and Field wins the 125th Big Meet over No.15 Stanford on final event

Cal women’s were edged 86-74 by the 14th ranked Stanford

Cal junior Paramveer Chohan won not only the 4x400m relay as the anchor but also the 125th Big Meet.
Cal Track and Field Twitter

How about that for a dramatic finish? Cal men’s track and field pulled off an upset victory over the weekend down at Stanford to claim the 125th Big Meet. Golden Bears won by the slim 85-78 margin when they claimed the final 5 points of the meet by winning the closing 4x400m relay.

Junior Paramveer Chohan was able to keep his lead going into the anchor leg to give the Golden Bears a thrilling victory.

Look at Cal shot putter but also football player Malik McMorris running with Chohan just below him at the finish line!

The entire Golden Bears contingent was fired up by that finish, and had a nice celebration in making Stanford’s Cobb Track & Angell Field a Bear Territory. This is no doubt a great way to send off retiring Cal Director of Track and Field Tony Sandoval in his final Big Meet.

While Chohan got the glory, his fellow Bears Jasher Foster, Benjamin Micallef, and Adam Saleh were able to hand him the baton ahead of Stanford’s anchor.

Other Cal Bears in other events were also instrumental in giving the Cal men this victory. Here is the full results:


TEAM: Cal 85, Stanford 78

100 Meters: 1. Branndon Marion, 10.90; 2. Misana Viltz, 11.08

200 Meters: 3. Branndon Marion, 22.32; 4. Blaise Carson, 22.57

400 Meters: 3. Adam Saleh, 48.62; 5. Blaise Carson, 51.20

800 Meters: 2. Moises Medrano, 1:52.18; 3. Benjamin Micallef, 1:52.27; 5. Ellis Newton, 1:52.85

1500 Meters: 3. Andrew Burkhardt, 3:50.88; 5. Ben Harper, 3:58.31

3,000 Meters: 3. Paul Zeiss, 8:15.41; 6. Ryan Peck, 8:35.79; 7. Ben Harper, 8:53.36; Andrew Burkhardt, DNF

110m Hurdles: 1. Misana Viltz, 13.90; 2. Jasher Foster, 14.00; 4. Tyler Brendel, 14.65

400m Hurdles: 1. Paramveer Chohan, 52.43; 2. Jasher Foster, 53.49

3000 Steeplechase: 2. Takeshi Okada, 8:58.89; 3. Kai Benedict, 9:04.47

4x100m Relay: 1. California (Jasher Foster, Paramveer Chohan, Branndon Marion, Tyler Brendel), 41.39

4x400m Relay: 1. California (Jasher Foster, Benjamin Micallef, Adam Saleh, Paramveer Chohan), 3:11.22

High Jump: 3. Jack Phillips, 1.91m/6-3.25; 4. Hakim McMorris, 1.76m/5-9.25

Pole Vault: 2. Tyler Brendel, 4.80m/15-9.00; 3. Andrew Lind, 3.90m/12-9.50; 4. Hakim McMorris, 3.60m/11-9.75

Long Jump: 1. Jared Geredes, 7.35m/24-1.50; 3. Hakim McMorris, 7.19m/23-7.25; 4. Sanjay Kettels, 6.63m/21-9.00

Triple Jump: 1. Tuomas Kaukolahti, 16.50m/54-1.75; Jalyn Jackson, Foul

Shot Put: 1. Joshua Johnson, 19.27m/63-2.75; 2. Iffy Joyner, 17.26m/56-7.50; 3. Malik McMorris, 17.01m/55-9.75

Discus: 1. Iffy Joyner, 59.07m/193-9; 2. Malik McMorris, 53.90m/176-10; 5. Joshua Johnson, 46.42m/152-3

Hammer: 1. Silviu Bocancea, 68.82m/225-9; 4. Terence Wilson, 46.75m/153-4

Javelin: 3. Tuomas Kaukolahti, 58.20m/190-11; 4. Hakim McMorris, 47.99m/157-5

Golden Bears won both relays (4x100m and 4x400m) and claimed victories in 100 meter, 110m hurdles, and 400m hurdles on the track. Bears are even more dominant on the field events in winning long jump, triple jump, discus, hammer, and sweeping the podium on shot put.

4 Bears, including 3 men, were able to record a top 10 in the nation results at this meet. They are Chohan in the 400m hurdles with the 8th best time in the country, junior Tuomas Kaukolahti in the triple jump with the nation’s 2nd best distance, and redshirt freshman Iffy Joyner with the nation’s 7th best discus throw.

For the Cal women, they were narrowly edged by Stanford at the same meet.

Here are their results:


TEAM: Stanford 86, Cal 74

100 Meters: 1. Jackie Patterson, 11.93; 2. Ezinne Abba, 12.05; 3. Sara East, 12.12

200 Meters: 1. Zion Corrales Nelson, 23.56; 2. Jackie Patterson, 24.40; 4. Sara East, 25.22; 5. Ezinne Abba, 25.43; 6. Jenna Mencarelli, 25.63

400 Meters: 1. Zion Corrales Nelson, 54.76; 3. Jenna Mencarelli, 58.56

800 Meters: 2. Rebecca Croft, 2:07.88; 3. Jordyn Colter, 2:09.92; Mina Anglero, 2:11.82

1500 Meters: 4. Mina Anglero, 4:21.57; 5. Marea Zlatunich, 4:34.09; 6. Jessica Nye, 4:37.13; 7. Jordyn Colter, 4:41.64; 8. Chloe Hansel, 4:42.19; 10. Meredith Corda, 4:59.21

3000 Meters: 4. Sydney Vandegrift, 10:16.37; 5. Marea Zlatunich, 10:19.91; 6. Kenna Clawson, 10:29.82; 7. Meredith Corda, 10:32.67; 8. Marissa Dobry, 10:42.07

100m Hurdles: 1. Deshae Wise, 13.87; 4. Windy Margerum, 14.67

400m Hurdles: 2. Schantell Williams, 65.24

3000 Steeplechase: 1. Annie Boos, 10:14.91

4x100m Relay: 1. California (Deshae Wise, Zion Corrales Nelson, Jackie Patterson, Ezinne Abba), 45.48

4x400m Relay: 2. California (Zion Corrales Nelson, Deshae Wise, Jenna Mencarelli, Rebecca Croft), 3:48.84

High Jump: 2. Caitlyn Bailey, 1.58m/5-2.25

Pole Vault: 5. Tess Callen, 3.26m/10-8.25

Long Jump: 2. Windy Margerum, 5.98m/19-7.50; 3. Sydney Reid, 5.88m/19-3.50

Triple Jump: 2. Windy Margerum, 11.83m/38-9.75

Shot Put: 2. Camryn Rogers, 13.98m/45-10.50; 3. Kendall Mader, 13.30m/43-7.75

Discus: 1. Kendall Mader, 53.09m/174-2; 2. Emma DeSilva, 48.52m/159-2

Hammer: 1. Camryn Rogers, 67.40m/221-1; 3. Kendall Mader, 46.28m/151-10

Javelin: 3. Chrissy Glasmann, 50.29m/165-0; 5. Francesca Macias, 34.93m/114-7

Canadian sophomore Camryn Rogers led the way with her school record hammer throw win that was also the nation’s 4th best distance this year. Bears also got wins in 100m, 200m, 400m, 100m hurdle, 4x100m relay, 3000m steeplechase, and discus.

Zion Corrales Nelson won both the 200m and 400m. Annie Boos won the steeplechase event and nearly surpassed her school record just set last weekend.

Congratulations to all the Bears as there are still plenty to go on the long track and field season that won’t have its conference championships or NCAA regional until early May.