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Golden Nuggets: More Football Spring Reviews

First GN in two weeks (mainly due to lack of material) and we got some football and basketball articles now.

Washington v California Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Tried to do a Golden Nuggets last week and didn’t find that many articles, but its a little better this week with the NFL Draft. Lets go.


  • Jordan Kunaszyk will have a chip on his shoulder this NFL season. (Written before he went undrafted and signed with Carolina)

Coming off a senior season during which he captained the Cal defense to top-25 rankings in points and yards, Kunaszyk is hoping an NFL team will look past his 40-yard-dash times and see why he gets to the ball quicker than someone with 4.4 speed.

“Some people aren’t willing to put in the time,” Kunaszyk said. “Football is very important to me. It’s one of my top priorities in life, and I want to be great at it.

“What can I do to make myself a better football player? I can watch more film. I can get an extra edge. Let’s say I watch 15 hours of film per week. Even if I can make just one extra play that impacts the team and helps us win, then it was worth it.”

“The physical things stand out,” Wilcox said,”he’s tall, he’s long, he’s athletic, he can bend. He’s got courage and now it’s being able to slow down and play, without the (thinking), ‘oh this is the call, then there’s two shifts and a motion, play pass.’ I’m gonna be honest, his ability to pick things up in a short time has been impressive. He’s also a guy that can do different things for us. He can play inside linebacker and traditionally you don’t see a lot of 6’6” guys doing that, so he can do it. We rush those guys enough, that can be valuable.”

One area where Deng stands out is in the pass game. He got an interception off Jack Newman to close out the spring game, but his presence affects windows for QBs to throw to.

”The other thing about him, you should talk to the safeties,” Wilcox noted, “the way that the ball has to travel on a seam route, because of his length, the safeties love it. Talking to Ashtyn, when (Deng) is in there, the ball has to have more air on it, and it gives the safeties more time.”


  • The women’s basketball team will have a lot of changes this year, safe to say next season will be a rebuilding year. Oh hey, one of my CGB articles is cited here!
  • Daily Cal’s Charlie Griffen makes the case for paying the men.


The season for the men and women have already come and gone, but I wanted to make sure these two great articles got their appearance in a GN. One, maybe both, also made it onto Golden Medals articles.

  • You definitely need to read this one about the friendship between Toni-Ann Williams and Milan Clausi.
  • Although Cal originally was going to cut Men’s Gymnastics, they didn’t. Now, the Bears benefited this recent season from Asad Jooma, who transferred to Cal after his previous school UIC announced they were cutting the program. Cal, with Jooma competing, actually played UIC at Haas this year.

Sweep the Ducks!