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Roundtables: NFL Draft and DB-U

Time to see more Pro Bears.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft right around the corner let’s take a peek at next season. The Bears will lose Weaver, Hawkins, Davis, and Bynum among others. Who has the highest draft stock? Who is your pick to make the highest jump in draft stock?

Piotr T Le: Highest draft stock in order assuming a generic NFL team running middle of the road defense: Davis, Bynum, Hawkins, Weaver. I think the range and FB IQ of Davis will make him the highest drafted Cal player next draft. These two traits are key for any NFL team looking to have a rangy FS that can man the deep 1/3rd haves in Cover 1/2/3/6 schemes. Bynum over Hawkins since I think Bynum can be a remarkable #2 corner in the right scheme while Weaver is lowest of the 4 since he needs to show the ability to cover TEs/RBs in space. Again, it will take knowing what schemes will be the zeitgeist of the NFL in a year or so, will they shift to having smart run thumping LBs with the uptick of 21 and 12 personnel offenses we saw last year (the most effective line up in the passing game was the 12 (1 RB 2 TE) group)?

thedozen: With Jordan Kunaszyk hopefully on his way to the NFL, Weaver is primed for another big season at Cal that could cause him to rise on 2020 draft boards. Davis is an especially intriguing option considering his special teams ability.

boomtho: I agree with Piotr that the DB’s may have higher draft stock than Weaver, though if I had to guess who has the best chance of having a long/productive NFL career, I would actually guess Weaver. Anecdotally it seems like the ability of mid-tier DB’s to stick in the NFL is highly variable but tackling productivity and soundness should be a very translatable skill for the NFL. Agree also that if Weaver can show improved ability to make plays in space and in coverage, his stock could rise significantly.

Rob Hwang: I’d have to believe it is Weaver, Hawkins and Davis. The three of them have the prototypical measurables for their respective positions. Camryn Bynum and Elijah Hicks have the chance to boost their stock, and I could see Bynum coming back for his senior year to finish off his partnership with Hicks on the other side.

From Offense, to now Defense, the Bears will be well represented in the league for the foreseeable future. What position do you see being the next stalwart of Cal products at the next level?

Piotr T Le: If the DBs continue to be developed by GA then we might see an uptick of them coming into the league. But I think the presence of Greatwood on campus means that we will have a solid group of OL coming into the NFL if we look at the past-Oregon OLs that were coached under Greatwood and were drafted high.

thedozen: I love watching talented wide receivers, so it would be fun to see a renaissance at that position over the next few seasons. However, I agree with Piotr that the offensive line is probably a good place to start.

boomtho: I think the DB’s have a really good chance to be well represented at the next level - I could see Davis, Hawkins, and Beck all at least having a shot to make an NFL roster next year.

Rob Hwang: I think in thext 3-4 years our strength is going to shift to the front 7. The guys that the coaches have brought in are very talented and I don’t have any doubt they will develop them into some stellar players. KEEP YOUR EYE ON KUONY AND BRETT. Calling it now.