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Golden Nuggets: Tyrone Wallace Makes NBA Playoffs Debut

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NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Hawkins probably showed the most improvement of the group, starting from somewhere around practice seven to the end of the fifteen sessions.

”Confidence is huge for Jeremiah,” Toler said, “you can see it in the way he catches the ball, you can see it in the way he runs routes, he’s definitive, he doesn’t question things because he’s more prepared with how he approaches the game. Just to see his detail on routes and his detail in meetings, taking tests up there and doing well in school, he’s all-around improving. It’s not a surprise at all, he’s fighting for reps himself.”

It stands out, as Hawkins’ explosive ability had been apparent, but he’d had a handful of pivotal drops that saw him sitting on the bench. Now, going into his third year, he’s getting more use in a variety of ways.

”You always notice the explosiveness and quickness,” Justin Wilcox said, “but to be able to translate it into 11 on 11, catch a ball or perimeter run, fly sweep, tunnel screen, something, he has improved, there’s no doubt about that, and he’s a guy that can create some of those plays.”


  • Tyrone Wallace didn’t play in yesterday’s Warriors-Clippers playoff match until the game was decided, but he’s still excited about the opportunity. (Video, which I can’t embed, is from before the game and mostly about his thoughts on Cal MBB). This article summarizes his feelings on Cal’s recent troubles.
  • Former Cal MBB player Solomon Hughes makes a case for paying MBB players.


  • Jim Knowlton gave us an update on the new facility! Hope it all works out.

Will be at Softball and Women’s Water Polo today, while hoping we get the sweep in Baseball in Tucson. Go Bears!