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The Notebook: Spring Football 2019 #5


NCAA Football: Colorado at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Another perfect day in Berkeley for some spring football. 10:30 AM. Sheets of rain pouring down. Shells on for some light contact. All the necessary requirements for a great day of practice. Today’s notebook will be more of my thoughts throughout practice rather than stats and notes. Periods of plays with some 7-on-7s and 1-on-1s, gave me some time to watch more specifically on units and players instead of rapidly focusing on noting stats. So here. We. Go.

  • Monroe Young is having himself a spring camp. The kid is making plays every where over the field. His route running needed work from what I saw this past fall, but the year off seems to have helped him hone in some of the breaks and footwork. He catches the ball well in traffic and out in space. He’s shown some breakaway speed when given the opportunity on some deep routes. Young looks to be a surefire bet to being on the 2-deep come fall camp.
  • Gavin Reinwald has made some good strides at the TE spot. With only 4 guys on the roster at the position for spring, its allowed for everyone to get some significant burn. Reinwald has shown up the most in both pass blocking, run blocking and catching the ball downfield. He’s still growing into his body but he’s definitely filled out more compared to what he looked like when he just got to campus in the fall.
  • Chase Garbers looks good moving in the pocket in blitz drills and feeling pressure. He’s still inconsistent on his deep throws, but atleast for now is more willing to throw downfield. Some of the other media members have pointed out that he still is struggling throw to his right, so that is something to be noted as spring ball goes on.
  • The DBs win much of the battles against WRs for routes that break inside, but struggle to keep up with anything outside or on comebacks. I don’t know if thats a scheme quirk where they use the sideline and with help over the top so they allow them to go outside, but at the moment, the WRs can get decent space when breaking outside.
  • Devon Modster easily has the best deep ball out of the QBs. He did mention that as one of his strengths when talking to the media, and it’s been on full display over the last few practices. The placement and touch have been spot on. It’s not Jared Goff or Davis Webb good, but it’s easily one of the better consistent throws over the last two years.
  • Tevin Paul has used his playing time on the field last season to take another step up in his play. He had himself a day with two tackles for loss and a sack. Moving him to Defensive End, was a great decision by the staff after seeing his skill set blossom the last 8 months.
  • Evan Weaver was vocal and high energy as usual. I was up in the press box with the window slightly open and could hear him yelling his enthusiasm on plays. He just never stops playing football.
  • Deshawn Collins showed some explosive speed today along with Marcel Dancy. They were relentless in their running despite it being a light contact day. They ran an easy 20-30 yards extra, after the rep was called dead, and at full speed as well. The two of them look ready to play a game tomorrow.
  • Jeremiah Hawkins had the catch of the day. He was running to the outside, jumped to grab the ball with his inside hand as his body turned 360 to the outside, made the catch and took off upfield.
  • I am unsure if this counts for the Takers Trophy, but Traveon Beck had a mean CB Blitz to get the sack.

Another practice in the books. Let me know of anything you guys want me to keep an eye out for!

Go Bears!