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The Notebook: Spring Football 2019 #4


NCAA Football: Stanford at California D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

One week down and a ways to go before the end of Spring Football. After, what could easily be described as dance central wedding, (CONGRATS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE SANNIE), I was back at Memorial Stadium on a slightly chilly Monday morning. Some notes to start the notebook. I know I promised a QB breakdown, but instead of doing an analysis of one practice, I’ve decided to compile all of the video I have of the QBs through all of Spring, and write up on their growth through camp and see where and how they have grown. That being said, let’s delve into Monday’s practice which was scoring opportunity focused. Coach Wilcox mentioned that it was a practice with a lean to redzone situations, and that’s what we saw. Most plays were within the 20 yard line with the occasional play at the 22/23 yard mark. Much of the practice was focused on teaching and fine tuning the intricacies of each position. It was easily noticeable that the players were still growing after such a late bowl game, 14/15 extra practices and only about a few weeks of time off before winter lifting regimen with Coach Becton.

Time for some compiled stats below:

Chase Garbers - 11/13 (2 PASS TD) (FUM) (RUSH TD)

Devon Modster - 9/12 (3TD) (Sack)

Jack Newman - 3/6 (INT) (Best pass of the day: Swing pass to Chris Brown. Perfect timing, placement speed)

Robby Rowell - 0/1

Cam Goode - Sack and PBU

Branden Smith - INT

A little explanation: Why mostly QB stats you say? In practices they dont mark where players are down and it isn’t full contact so its hard to track yards and tackles. The easiest and realistically the only stats that are easily recordable are QB stats, pass break ups, and clear cut sacks. That’s a simple explanation for those that want more insight into the defense and other aspects of the offense.

That wraps up this practice report. Check back on Thursday for the next report!

Also. Feel free to leave questions about practice and performances! I’ll be scouring the comments to answer as I can!