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Golden Nuggets: I’m Back! Did I Miss Anything?

Almost 20 articles from the past week about Cal Sports, mostly the good stuff anyway.

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NCAA Basketball: Utah at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I’m back from my Asia Tour. So its time to catch up on some of the better Cal articles from the past two weeks (that still have some relevancy). Glad absolutely nothing bad happened while I was gone... right?


Women’s Basketball

All of these articles are from before the UNC game. The Bears won so these articles still are readable before the Baylor game!

  • It has been an amazing ride with these four Cal seniors, and they are looking to extend their season as long as possible.
  • She may not become a doctor like some in her family, but she is becoming a big expert in playing basketball and could have a great professional career.
  • The best word to describe Kristine, according to her teammates, is “determination.”
  • You’ve heard about Asha Thomas’s relationship with her brother Quentin. Marcus Thompson II goes in-depth about it in this free Athletic article.


  • This is an old article (published the week of the USC series loss) but it is a pretty good read on Andrew Vaughn.
  • A great look at the coaching history of Diane Ninemire and what she has done to make Cal Softball a powerhouse.
  • Zoe Conley writes about her thoughts about her last season with Cal Softball and about the increasing diversity in college softball.


  • Joey Patton of the Daily Cal blames the lack of brand recognition for Cal Athletics’ mediocrity.
  • Jasper Sundeen has a great writeup on the retiring T&F coach Tony Sandoval.
  • In her senior year, Maria Smith finally accomplished one of her career goals, earning a ranking in Women’s Tennis singles.
  • The Men’s Gymnastics seniors were recently honored, check out the video.
  • Although her career ended prematurely, Toni-Ann Williams will be remembered as a signature athlete in Cal WGym’s resurgence. She has been nominated as a finalist for the AII Award, given to the nation’s top gymnast.
  • The future of the women’s gymnastics program is bright though, despite all the great seniors they will be losing, because of athletes like Milan Clausi.