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The Notebook: Spring Football 2019 #3

NCAA Football: Colorado at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

This one is going to be short and sweet. I do have some footage of the QB’s throwing during a 1-on-1 session, but i need to go back and chart some of the throws and record all of the stats so that will be added as an addendum to next week’s notebook. I also have a legitimate excuse for not having it done on Friday night or Saturday morning. I have a wedding to be at! I get that much slack from the community right? Let’s get to the notes.

  • Former Cal Safety Thomas DeCoud attendance once again. It’s great to see former players taking such an interest with the program. The cool thing was he’s been watching the DB’s during practice and drills. It looks like he’s trying to pick Gerald Alexander’s brain on coaching.
  • After the announcement of newly appointed DL Coach Andrew Browning, this was his first appearance to the media, and our first opportunity to watch him coach. The style, demeanor and lineage is all there from Wilcox and Co. Coach Browning did summarize his relationships with the staff: He was the same class as Coach Alexander at Boise State. Coach Wilcox was a grad assistant his freshman year, then left for Cal, then came back his senior year as the Defensive Coordinator.
  • Evan Weaver made his first appearance to the media this spring and of course, we got the best interview of the year already. Take a look below.
  • It was also the first day in shells, so there was a little bit more contact than previous days but nothing too serious.
  • That being said. Being able to watch the defense get a little physical in the 1-on-1s makes you remember how good this group was and how much better this group could be if the young guys are able to step in and play right away. Just imagining Goode, Weaver, Deng, Paul, Lone, and others mixing and matching all around the two down linemen is extremely terrifying and lovely.
  • Final part of practice was a kicking competition while the entire team was yelling, screaming, rapping, whistling, basically anything to distract or disrupt the kicker’s focus. (Number = Distance) (R/L = Hashmark)

Greg Thomas - 4/5 (30L/30R/37L/42L)

Gabe Siemieniec - 5/5 (30L/30R/37L/40R/42L)

Dario Longhetto - 2/5 (37L/42L)

That’s it y’all. I will be back after the wedding tomorrow, go through my video footage on Sunday, and have a QB comparison bonus notebook up for to read along with Nick’s usual Monday column! Go Bears.