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Golden Nuggets: QB Depth Chart Narrows Down for Spring Game

Kamalani Dung is shining in her senior year, but had a tough upbringing.

North Carolina v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


  • Wilcox says Chase Garbers has improved a lot and is still the QB getting the most reps in practice, with Devon Modster on the second team.

“Garbers is doing an incredible job, leading the offense and holding everybody accountable,” running back Alex Netherda said. “When somebody runs the wrong route, gets the wrong the block or hits the wrong hole, he won’t harp on you, but he’ll let you know that you did it wrong and what the right thing to do is.”

Modster, who ran with the second team, said he’s picking up the playbook quickly, but he’s still learning certain checks and some of the offense’s nuance. His first pass was intercepted by Penn State transfer Isaiah Humphries, but the former UCLA quarterback completed his next two passes for a total of 10 yards.

  • Find out where the Cal secondary got the nickname “Takers” and also find out how cool Gerard Alexander is.


  • Last week, Kamalani Dung returned to her home state of Hawaii for what wound up being a pretty successful weekend for Cal Softball. Find out about her life story, one filled with even homelessness, and appreciate her contribution to the Bears (even if just for a short time).
  • Grant Holman dyed his hair pink to support his mother who’s battling breast cancer. For the season opener against CS Bakersfield (which his mom attended), Andrew Vaughn joined him in doing so.