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The Notebook: Spring Football 2019 #6

Live Tackling!

NCAA Football: UCLA at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Did you miss the notebook? There was no notebook from Friday, as the team had a light practice to lead into a live tackling and scrimmage situation on Saturday. Since the feedback from my tidbit notebook was so popular, it’s back again to kick off this Monday! No frills, let’s get to it.

  • Tevin Paul continues to impress after being moved to the outside. He’s mentioned how comfortable he is in the role and how much it feels natural to him. His timing and chemistry with Cam Goode is becoming a real force across the line.
  • The 1st team DB’s are the 1st team DB’s. You will rarely see a mistake from them in their base and have their coverage’s in such good sync.
  • Chase Garbers has shown a knack for making plays while scrambling. He no longer only looks to run if he runs out of the pocket, but instead keeps his eyes downfield looking for potential throws and other plays to be made by the threat of his legs.
  • Chase also has gotten better in his ability to hide the ball on RPOs. On one play he faked out the entire defense and would’ve gotten an easy 40 yards untouched through the line of scrimmage.
  • Chris Brown Jr. looks way more agile and versatile on the ground than he did last season. He’s got more burst and wiggle and the ability to juke guys with one cuts and verticality. They have been running a variety of agility and quick cut drills. It looks like that has been paying off dividends.
  • The offense has also taken some strides in completing plays. They ran a 4th down drill against the defense with live tackling and the offense converted 3 out of their 5 opportunities. One of the unsuccessful conversions was a clear cut play by the defense, the other came off of a high snap that resulted in a sack.
  • Nick Alftin is making big time strides after sitting out last season. He had a tackle for loss during the scrimmage period.
  • Cam Goode also looks to be as close to 100% as he can be right now. He was just a half step shy of complete a few sacks and tackle for loss.
  • Transfer Isaiah Humphries had himself a day as well, getting two interceptions on the day. He has to sit out the year but looks to be a guy who can step in right away after the Bears inevitably lose some starters after the 2019 season.
  • The WRs and RBs have had a point of emphasis these first few weeks of planting their foot and getting vertical. They seem to be putting that into practice in as many snaps as possible.
  • Evan Tattersall is also another LB that has made big strides. He seems to have a firm grasp on the playbook and very good instincts. The only question with him is if he can translate good habits onto the field, and so far? He looks to be a very good player to play at ILB next to Weaver.

That’s it for this notebook. You’ll get another tomorrow! How lucky!

Once again. Any questions or things you want to discuss? Drop it in the comments and I’ll be as available as possible to answer them!