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Roundtables: Bowling for Games

Where could we be headed?

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Texas A&M v California Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

What bowl game and opponent are you hoping for? Really possible and possible but slim?

Christopher_h: It’ll depend on how the Oregon-Utah game shakes out. If Utah wins, I think a RedBox Bowl is likely (Utah to CFP, Oregon to Rose, USC to Alamo, UW to Holiday Bowl). If Oregon wins, I think Oregon shifts the bowl pecking order down (Rose - Oregon, Alamo - Utah, Holiday - USC) and the Redbox might take either Cal or the Huskies, in which case the Sun Bowl likely takes ASU (again), and Cal falls to the Vegas Bowl. I’d put it as about 75% chance to the RedBox Bowl, 20% Vegas Bowl, and 5% unexpected madness. Personally, I’m hoping for the Sun Bowl (even though I expect ASU to be picked over Cal for the same reason that Cal is more likely to be selected for the RedBox Bowl) just because Cal has never been there before. I’m warming up a tiny bit to the RedBox Bowl in Santa Clara, but only because I’ve never been to Levi’s Stadium either (the Emerald Bowl was at AT&T Park in SF).

Alex G: I’ll just stick with the Redbox Bowl because it seems to have decent prestige and because I’ll be able to attend in person. The impossible but fun option would be the Alamo Bowl, but that’ll likely go to USC.

DaneStopper: Well, it’s certainly possible the Committee recognizes our earlier injuries and puts us rightfully in the top 10 and in line for a Rose Bowl. I’d like the Holiday Bowl though. It’s got a bit more prestige that the Redbox, first of all. The Redbox is nice, but the quality of opponent wouldn’t add much in victory. Plus, any travel in bowl season is beneficial, as it would add an extra recruiting trip. Not like we’d need any more focus on Bay Area recruits.

thedozen: I was always hoping for the Holiday Bowl because it’s the closest to me geographically and I’ve already attended two Cal appearances there. The Redbox Bowl seems more likely and is still played in California. Indiana could be the opponent if that happens.

Rob Hwang: I’m pretty sure we’re ending up at the RedBox bowl, but man am I hoping for Utah to win tonight and for us to sneak into the Holiday Bowl. The Bears might have the steadiest story lines for the Holiday bowl as well. No coaching changes like UW or ASU. National stars like Ashtyn Davis and Evan Weaver. It’s also a good reason to spend a few days in San Diego. (TACOS EL GORDO, PLEASE HIT ME WITH THE FOLLOW.) The intrigue of the opponent at the Holiday bowl intrigues me as well. From the looks of the standings it’ll be either Michigan or Iowa. Can you imagine the Harbaugh led Wolverines against the Bears? Fans would eat up that matchup and would be another battle of public schools like the last time Cal played at the Holiday bowl in 2011.