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Rumors on social media suggest Cal will debut new uniforms in the Redbox Bowl

The hip kids would say their drip is supremely on fleek.

California v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

We may not know if the Cal State Golden Bears or the California Golden Bears will be playing in the Redbox Bowl, but what better way to add to the confusion than by debuting a new look?

Per an Instagram story by Camryn Bynum, we will have new uniforms for the game tomorrow.

The Photoshopped picture is of Nikko Remigio in a full Polar Bear version of our Sather Stripe uniforms; there's no indication if this is a grounded mock-up or just a fun picture with no relation to the new look.

It's possible that the new look will include white helmets. As Bear Territory is not the natural habitat for the Polar Bear, these helmets haven’t been too popular among the fans. We’ve worn them in three games—all losses. We lost 43–15 to the 2011 Oregon Ducks, 31–14 to the 2011 UC Los Angeles Bruins, and 31–24 to the 2012 Nevada Wolf Pack in the re-opening of Memorial Stadium; the Oregon game was the lone instance of the full Polar Bear look. Personally, I’m in the minority as someone who doesn’t hate them. I don’t love them and they don’t scream “Cal”, but they look fine. The only bad look was for the Nevada game because there were too many conflicting colors.