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Cal vs. WSU, Q4: Bears leading 33-14 behind Modster’s 4 Touchdowns

We’re winning, but we don’t know what’s happening...

NCAA Football: Washington State at California Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports



Cal 8th Offensive Drive: Bears get the 1st down, but cant convert again. Coutts out to punt.

Cal 8th Defensive Drive: Bears force the fumble on Winston. Hawkins Fumble, Davis Recovered.

Cal 9th Offensive Drive: Endaround to Trevon for 23. Quick pass to CBJ and he makes a guy miss then into the endzone. 13 yard catch and run by CBJ from Modster.

Scoring Drive: 4 plays, 39 yards, 1:56

Cal 9th Defensive Drive: Long KOR moved back after a personal foul: illegal hands to the face. Bears force 3rd down but give up a 28 yard pass on 3rd and 9. After a holding penalty, WSU forced to settle for a 35 FGM by Blake Mazza.

Scoring Drive: 13 plays, 74 yards, 6:38

Cal 10th Offensive Drive: Cal starts on own 25. Cindric with a hold on the first play of the drive. RPO pass to Ben Skinner gets 7, but a late hit call and unsportsmanlike on one of the WSU coaches, gets the ball up 30 yards on the penalties. Holding brings the ball back

4th Quarter

Cal 10th Offensive Drive: Modster gets 13 back. Greg Thomas’ 39 FGA is blocked.

Cal 10th Defensive Drive: Bears force the 4 and turnover on their own 14 after a huge 38 yard pass from Gordon. Tevin Paul called for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play and the Bears get backed up onto their own 7.

Cal 11th Offensive Drive: Bears start with a false start. Collins with a 6 yard run. Runs outside and gets the 1st down. Modster finds Clark, but he drops a sure fire HUGE gain. Modster scrambles and gets 26 yards. Tunnel Screen for Makai Polk, goes the distance! Impressive running from Makai to make multiple guys miss! 52 yards. Screen pass. TD. Bears go for 2 but can’t convert.

Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 93 yards, 4:16

Cal 11th Defensive Drive: WSU starts on own 27. WSU drives to its own 40 but after a false start on 4th down, they cant convert the 4th and 15. Bears get the ball on the WSU 35.

Cal 12th Offensive Drive: CBJ runs for 15. Runs for 5. Run again. MODSTER KEEPS ON 4TH DOWN AND SCORES. 13 yard rushing TD from Modster.

Scoring Drive: 5 plays, 35 yards, 1:45

Cal 12th Defensive Drive: Gordon moves the ball down the field down to the 27. Gordon gets another 1st down. They get the ball down to the 1. WSU calls a TO. WSU scores on a 1 yard TD pass to Renard Bell.

Cal 13th Offensive Drive: Onside kick goes out of bounds. Modster takes knee to end the game.