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From the Mic Men: And We Back!

So we might as well give it all we got.

NCAA Football: Washington State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be at the game on Saturday.

I mean, of course I’ll be there, it’s my job. But I’ll be there in full force, pumped, hyped, and ready to see our Bears back in action. Because above all, these players deserve my support. Despite what we’ve gone through this season, they continuously put their head down, work even harder, and continue to expect victory. They take the same midterms that I struggle with, eat at the same restaurants that I stumble upon, and, wherever they are on campus, look up at the beautiful Campanile, just as I do.

Most importantly, they play for the name on the front of their jersey - “CALIFORNIA”. The name that both you and I love.

Whatever happens this weekend, I pledge to show up with the same enthusiasm and spirit I hope I’ve brought all year. I know that guys like Weaver, Ashtyn, Bynum, CBJ, and so many more love that energy and give it back to us tenfold, whether it’s with a sack, an interception, or a broken tackle (all credit to the Mic Chick, Neomie Hinanay, for these words).

It’s been too long since we’ve been back in Memorial. But, no matter the outcome, the expectation is to always be, loud and proud, Golden Bears.

So, Cal fans, I need you!


There are only two more chances to watch Evan “Dream” Weaver play in Memorial Stadium. Guys, this is something special we’re witnessing. He’s on pace to break Luke Kuechly’s single-season tackling record. When the history books have Weav’s name in bold at the top, and your friends ask where you were when it happened, will you be able to say you saw him in person?

Thank you, Evan, for everything you’ve given to us.


Well, we beat the good Washington school already.

Honestly, all Cal fans have free reign on the Internet this week to roast whatever they want about Wazzu, because their Trump-endorsing coach has, not for the first time, authoritatively banned the use of social media. So go crazy, hunt a couple cougars (either type), doesn’t matter to me or Wilcox: Because they can’t use it against us!


Bring your family, friends, lovers, and, most importantly, your loud voice, and I promise you’ll be glad you came this Saturday. I, for one, can’t wait to be there.

What’s that spell?

Who are we?