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Non-Cal football open thread: Celebrating the 150th anniversary of college football!

Happy birthday to a sport that’s 150 years old, but with enough brain damage to resemble a sport twice that age.

Football Game
Princeton vs. Yale in 1879—10 years after Princeton birthed this game with Rutgers
Photo by Stock Montage/Getty Images

The 150th anniversary of college football was celebrated earlier this week (on November 6), commemorating a game between teams that are now known as the Princeton Tigers and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. (Although the first time two schools played in a game that actually resembled college football was the Harvard Crimson vs. the Tufts Jumbos—go Jumbos!)

What better way to commemorate the November 6, 1869 date than by having Princeton play... someone other than Rutgers. Who are on a bye and aren’t doing anything anyway.

Thus, we’ll celebrate with the Princeton Tigers playing the Dartmouth Big Green at Yankee Stadium this weekend.